10 Essentials for Summer Camping Holidays

With summer on the horizon, a camping holiday could be a good way to spend time with family and friends. Here are the most important items of camping equipment you’ll probably want to pack so you and your loved ones will have the best possible vacation.1. Tent
If you’re going camping, an essential piece of equipment is a tent. From sturdy frame structures, large and small dome shaped tents, streamlined adventure covers and simple sun shelters; there’s a tent for every occasion.2. Sleeping Bag
These come in all makes and models, but the two basic types are synthetic and down sleeping bags. Synthetic sleeping bags are simple, affordable and will likely do for summer. Down sleeping bags are perfect for year round use, as they are purpose built to contain heat in the winter, yet are light and compact for summer vacations; a must for any serious collection of camping equipment.3. Pack
Depending on how long you’re planning to go camping, you will either need a full sized tramping pack, a day pack, or both. Your tramping pack will need to be large enough to store all your essential camping equipment, while your day pack should be light yet robust.4. Camp Lighting
Once night falls on those sunny summer camping days, you’ll need equipment to light your way. Handheld torches, head mounted lights, hanging lanterns, or even portable solar powered lighting systems are all great ways to keep the fun going long after sunset.5. Camp Furniture
Relaxing in a comfortable chair playing board games or telling stories with family and friends is a key part of the camping experience. For maximum comfort you may wish to bring a portable table and chairs, or even a fold away pantry to store all your tasty treats.6. LPG Stove
Dried rations are one way to camp, but if you want to have a classic kiwi fry up or a hot drink at night it would be wise to invest in a handy gas powered stove. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors with a little bit of luxury.7. Campware
If you plan on cooking up a storm, or eating anything but trail mix for that matter, you’ll need to bring a set of campware. Pots, pans, forks, knives and plates are all essential pieces of camping equipment to keep you well fed.8. Cooler / 3 way camp fridge
The classic kiwi barbeque of steak, sausages and a cold beverage relies on a cooler or 3 way fridge to keep everything fresh and chilled. Providers of camping equipment tend to have a range of different sizes coolers and 3 way fridges to suit any sized travelling party.9. Solar Shower
Just because you’re becoming one with nature doesn’t mean you have to completely leave behind the comforts of home. Solar showers will keep you clean and energised without impacting the environment.10. Trekking Stick
If you’re planning on doing some serious hiking on your trip then a trekking stick could be a valuable addition to your camping equipment. You’ll be powering up mountains and traversing valleys like a pro in no time.